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Safe to say AMA Europe ’24 was one of the BEST Advocate Marketing Academy events we’ve ever held!

Inspirational speakers, engaging workshops, insightful industry trends, meaningful network opportunities… It. Had. It. ALL!

An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who attended and presented – Cristina Sartori Errico, Jan Stoetzel, Jeannine Boot, Michael Johnson, MBA, Ivana Gaspic, Nisha Prabhakar, Tobi Demuren.

Advocate Marketing Academy is nothing without our wonderful, talented customer advocacy community!

If you didn’t make it this time; see video highlights video on the right and the images below.

To see what happened at previous Academies, check out more video highlights here, plus presentations and session videos in the knowledgebase.


Bad acoustics, a temporary stage, the same round tables, dodgy lighting, and a carpet that could provoke migraines. Sound familar? These have no place at Advocate Marketing Academy!

AMA Europe ’24 was back at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, with a fully-equipped theatre, separate studio and an 18th century barn for workshops, and two other mingling spaces. Immersive and creative.

c. 100 of your peers from across the globe, wonderful presentations, hands-on workshops, good food, and even better company. Another great AMA day to remember.



Cristina has more than 17yrs of B2B cybersecurity experience, building a vibrant global community of more than 1,000 engaged cybersecurity advocates over the last five years. Read about their superpowers in Cristina’s Security Heroes blogs via the LinkedIn #SecurityHeroes hashtag. She has won two awards in 2023: The Base “Top 100 Customer Marketing & Advocacy Influencers,” and “The Ones to Watch in 2023″ by the CMAA.

Art and Science Unite: Six Inspiring Tactics to Unlock the Hidden Treasures in Your Customer Case Studies

This session unveils a consolidated approach invented by Cristina to maximize the potential of customer case studies and engage with a challenging audience when you have limited resources. If you’re under the impression that promoting your case studies should only begin in post-publication, you might miss out on attracting unique visitors to your case study webpage. Discover how Cristina transformed a conventional success story into a grand opportunity to lay a robust foundation for continuous advocacy and how she measures these results in an impactful way.


As Senior Customer Reference Manager, Michael has spent five years at Red Hat helping a variety of stakeholders tell stories about open source technology.
In his current role, Michael helps define content strategy for Innovators in the
Open, Red Hat’s customer advocacy program, with a focus on how unique personas interact with customer stories as well as data and analytics for the program.

Data-driven insights drive modular customer storytelling at Red Hat
Red Hat marketing is in the midst of a data-driven transformation, with renewed customer focus at the center of our strategy. To support this journey, the Red Hat customer reference team has been redefining what it means to be a customer advocate. From new content types, to new ways of injecting content into marketing across the business, customers are core to the Red Hat story. In this session, Michael Johnson, Senior Customer Reference Manager, Red Hat, will discuss the intersection of data and creative focus that guides our reference strategy. He will cover how the team moved from mainly creating in-depth case studies, to a wide library of content, how we enable customers to learn from each other through advocacy events, and how the entire package contributes to customer success for Red Hat. Michael
will also outline how data and performance help the team learn lessons and grow as they plan and implement these strategies across a large, cross-functional marketing organization 


Jeannine  is the Global Director Customer Marketing at Qlik and has been a Qlikkie for more than 13 years. Since 2015, she has been part of the Customer Marketing Team at Qlik and has built solid relationships with many customers for various customer advocacy programs, projects, campaigns, and activities. In her current role, she leads the Global Team for Customer Marketing which includes Customer Advocacy, Evidence, and References.

When partners and customers “Qlik”: working with partners and customers to achieve advocacy success
A number of Customer Advocacy Programs have been built at Qlik over the years, including the Qlik Luminary Program, Executive Advisory Board and the Partner Ambassador Program. These programs are highly recognized internally at Qlik, and also externally by Qlik Partners and customers, with an influx of nominations every year when the programs refresh. In this session, Jeannine will share how Qlik built these programs, what the selection and adoption process is, and how both Qlik, customers, and partners benefit from these programs.


Ivana is a marketing comms and customer advocacy leader with 15+ years of B2B technology experience. She is a champion of customers as the ultimate brand advocates and a passionate storyteller. As a Flagship Customer Program lead at SAP, Ivana works with the company’s strategic customers on multifaceted, long-term advocacy plans. Ivana spent six years at AWS where she established the EMEA CRP and held workshops on writing at Amazon

It’s live! Now what? Tips and tricks on extending case study life beyond the website


Tobi leads global strategy and activation of agency partnerships for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (LMS). He is passionate about creating brand-engagement-enhancing experiences, increasing customer loyalty, and driving customer acquisition. With >15 years of marketing, bizdev, and technology experience, Tobi has a proven track record of building long-term relationships, understanding challenges/opportunities, and delivering solutions.

Captivate & Convert: The Art of Advocacy

Join us for an exhilarating session with Tobi Demuren, the acclaimed Global Head of Advocacy Marketing at LinkedIn, as he unveils the secrets of transforming customers into evangelists. Dive deep into Tobi’s treasure trove of real-world examples from LinkedIn, and leave inspired with groundbreaking insights. Don’t miss this transformative talk!


Jan is a storyteller and change maker, with a 15-yr background in managing sales teams and another 15+ yrs in regional/global bizdev and marketing mgr roles.
Jan unites the two as Global Head of Customer Advocacy Programs at Fujitsu, creating customer stories which resonate globally.
Outside of work, he has interests in travel, technology
and the arts.

The science of measurement beyond clicks and likes
In today´s competitive business environment, it´s essential to measure and analyze the results of marketing campaigns to determine what´s working (and what´s not). Marketing automation tools and google analytics tell us something about the quantitative side of metrics.
We can also measure the quality of assets through feedback from internal and external audiences. But the ultimate measurement of success is customer content being used to influence sales, and customers using our assets for their own purposes.


With 17 years of international sales and marketing experience in the technology sector, Nisha currently leads Customer Marketing & Brand Engagement within Salesforce EMEA for the Financial Services sector and two strategic Sports Marketing Partnerships. In this role, she designs and executes strategic marketing programs with customers to showcase top brands and visionary
thought leaders.


Melissa has been a customer advocacy specialist for 19 years. Her focus has been on working with global technology organizations to build strategic, robust, and accountable advocacy programs. For the last 3 years, Melissa has expanded that knowledge to customer loyalty, support clients in the creation of customer communities that tie directly into advocacy activities.


Robin (aka referencegeek) delights in helping some of the world’s biggest brands activate their happy customers; closing more business, more quickly. He has worked both client and agency-side; after seeing the business impact of advocacy Robin has spent the last 18 years helping to drive the discipline forwards. Robin’s infectious enthusiasm makes him a regular conference speaker.



Peter is a writer, interviewer and editor with 30 years of content creation experience. In that time he has worked across newspapers, television, live radio and events. For the past 13 years, Peter has been editor -in-chief at inEvidence. He has worked with inEvidence clients all around the world, interviewing customers in person, online, on stage and in front of camera. 


Verity has 16 years of advocacy experience, working alongside global tech brands to help bring their stories to life. She has spent 9 years working as a video producer, interviewing customers across the globe and coordinating shoots, onsite and remotely. Verity coordinates the inEvidence video, editorial and design teams, helping to transform innovative ideas into impactful stories.


A Creative Director at faith and VCCP London, Ben is also a gamer / VR nerd. His passion is to bake human perspective into tech. Projects include building The O2 in Fortnite, and 100% Army Fit, a fitness app helping future British soldiers pass physicals. Recently, Ben has been developing generative AI models for Sage and Virgin Media O2 with the aim of accelerating human creativity and imagination.


Peter is Innovation Director at faith, VCCP’s AI creative agency, and he also helps to drive thought leadership and connect technology partners into VCCP through its Curious programme. Peter has previously worked at agencies, corporate, and startups, on projects for Amazon, Facebook, Google, Coca Cola, Diageo, and Disney. He is an author and regular conference speaker.


Alex has been a copywriter, content creator and all-round communications professional for many years. She’s worked in newspaper publishing, academia and across the charity sector – and produced content for print, radio, short film, and animation. Alex has been a writer and interviewer at InEvidence for just over a year, capturing stories online and in-person around the world.


Advocate marketing is a mix of both Art and Science. What roles do creativity and emotion play within the increasing push for measurement in an A.I.-impacted future?


We got ‘hands-on’ in the Studio or the Theatre. Lots of new thoughts and contacts.

ART – A Comedy of Errors (or, the art of the customer interview)

You’ll get involved with the creation of a customer story video, where not everything goes to plan. Working together, can we spot and fix the obvious errors, and make the video even better than the brief?

Pantomime season may be over, but active participation and shouting out is encouraged (“oh no it’s not!!”)

SCIENCE – Generative A.I.  – Effective prompts

Just as with an actor that has a bad memory, effective prompts are everything.  It’s therefore apt that participation in this A.I-focussed session requires treading the boards on the main stage.


08:20- 08:50Arrival, Registration & Mingle
It's an early start for an intense and fun-filled day. We'll have coffee, pastries etc. Come and see everybody!
08:55 - 09:30Session One: Robin Hamilton - inEvidence
Art Meets Science
09:30 - 10:10Session Two: Jeannine Boot - Qlik
When partners and customers “Qlik”: working with partners and customers to achieve advocacy success
10:10 :10:20Interlude: Special Film
The Art of Storytelling
10:20 :11:00Session Three: Jan Stoetzel - Fujitsu
The science of measurement beyond clicks and likes
11:00 - 11:20Elevenses
Chat, stretch your legs, and network
Foyer and Bar
11:20 - 12:00Session Four: Cristina Errico - Cisco
Art and Science Unite: Six Inspiring Tactics to Unlock the Hidden Treasures in Your Customer Case Studies
12:00 - 12:05Interlude:
Anatomy of an Edit
12:05 - 12:40Session Five: A Chat with Salesforce
Hear more about customer storytelling at Salesforce
12:40 - 13:30Networking Lunch:
Catch up with friends new and old over lunch and sweet treats. Grab the presenters to ask all those questions you wanted to earlier.
Foyer, Bar and Barn
13:30 - 14:25Session Six: Workshops:
Get hands-on
SCIENCE workshop: Effective A.I. prompts
Just as with an actor that has a bad memory, effective prompts are everything.  It's therefore apt that participation in this A.I-focussed session requires treading the boards on the main stage.
ART workshop: A Comedy of Errors (or, the art of the customer interview)
You'll get involved with the creation of a customer story video, where not everything goes to plan...
14:25 - 15:05Session Seven: Michael Johnson - Red Hat
Data-driven insights drive modular customer storytelling at Red Hat
15:05 - 15:25Afternoon Tea
Time for a cuppa and a natter
Foyer and Bar
15:25 - 16:05Session Eight: Tobi Demuren - LinkedIn
Captivate & Convert: The Art of Advocacy at LinkedIn
16:05 - 16:45Session Nine: Ivana Gaspic - SAP
It’s live! Now what? Tips and tricks on extending case study life beyond the website
16:45 - 16:55Session Ten: Melissa Talbot - inEvidence
A quick review and wrap of the day
16:55 - 17:30Mingle in the bar
It's the last chance to chat before we all head our separate ways. Drinks and canapes. Until next time..
Foyer and Bar


We were pleased to bring the Academy back to Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. Altwood Road, Maidenhead SL6 4PF


  • Our venue is super, yet was also surrounded by schools and bad weather, so everyone had to allow a little additional time in order to not miss any of our feature-packed day

By car:

  • We had plenty of free parking, and Maidenhead is in the middle of the UK’s silicon valley, the M4 corridor.

By train:

  • From Paddington: Maidenhead station was only 26 minutes away on the fastest train, 38 minutes on the slowest
  • From Heathrow: Maidenhead station was approx 45 mins away, with one change at Hayes and Harlington

By taxi:

  • From Maidenhead Station: Norden Farm was too far to walk, a station taxi was around £12
  • From Heathrow: depending on the time of day, an Uber would take approx 40 mins and cost c. £50. A black cab will take the same time and cost more


All performance and workshop spaces at Norden Farm providd total accessibility for those with disabilities. There were lifts throughout the venue, as well as ramped access and adapted toilet facilities. There was also an infra red system in the Courtyard Theatre for participants with hearing difficulties.

Personal assistants accompanying disabled attendees receive a complimentary tickets; those requiring a wheelchair seat could be accommodated.


Invest in yourself and your career, meet old friends, make new ones, and gain inspiration for 2024


15 years of successful events in all regions, providing value to the community


Not another dull hotel-event-room conference


Attended by, and presentations from, people that do exactly what you do – your peers


Super relevant and useful content


AMA’s theatre-style production is first-rate and engaging


Plenty of opportunities to meet new contacts, and chat with old friends

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