We may have just celebrated our 31st year, but for us we’re just getting started with helping our clients, and Advocate Marketing overall, reach their potential. inEvidence specializes in helping its clients tell their customers’ stories in the most inventive and purposeful ways, and provides a wealth of consulting, creative, and experience to build and enhance programs. A global team of over 50, comprising expert, creative storytellers and experienced customer reference/advocacy specialists, we harness video, the written word, animation, design, and live events to tell customer stories, in any language and for any platform. With thousands of advocates recruited and $Bs in revenue influenced with helpdesk services, plus >10,000 customer-approved and award-winning stories created to date, in 92 countries and 33 languages, you’re in safe hands.

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Big Sky

For more than 20 years, Big Sky has been a leader in customer advocacy marketing for technology companies. We know firsthand that no two customer advocacy programs are alike. Our highly experienced advocacy team—many of whom have both agency and in-house customer advocacy program experience—takes a hands-on approach to helping you build and execute on a customer advocacy program centered on industry best practices.


Crowdvocate is pioneering the B2B evolution to Customer-led Growth, by enabling companies to tap into your most powerful growth engine – your customers. It provides a centralized, fully-integrated Customer Marketing platform that makes customer engagement actionable – at scale – so that the full marketing potential of your entire customer base can be unlocked to impact revenue, retention and growth.


Influitive believes all customers, partners and employees can become brand advocates, but it requires building and maintaining trusting relationships. This is best achieved using targeted recognition, rewards, and personalized content at every stage of the journey. Our engagement software is the only purpose-built solution for this critical mission and the advocacy, community and loyalty programs that make it possible.

Point of Reference

Since 2003, Point of Reference has been powering B2B customer reference programs that fuel business growth and fortify brands. By combining decades of domain expertise with our purpose-built customer reference management technology, Point of Reference allows companies to inject relevant customer reference content at critical points in a sales cycle, attribute reference activities to revenue, and orchestrate reference activities that boost productivity.

Referential, Inc

For over 28 years, Referential, Inc. has offered a full-service portfolio of customer marketing- and advocacy-related services. Designing, implementing and managing entire programs for companies that want to identify and leverage their own most outspoken and favorable customers. Most recently Referential now offers training courses to support the three levels of accreditation from the Institute of Certified Customer Advocacy Professionals.


SlapFive turns Customer Marketing and Advocacy pros into heroes by empowering them to turn their customers into heroes. SlapFive is an end-to-end Customer Marketing Software platform to automate and scale Customer Content Capture & Publishing, Customer Advocacy, Customer Campaigns, Customer References, and Customer Revenue Influence. SlapFive’s software, services and expertise are trusted by over 50 tech industry leaders.

Upland RO Innovation

As the go-to location for storing, requesting, and suggesting reference contacts and content, RO Innovation helps sales and marketing teams bring order to their reference programs and grow their banks of customer advocates. Over 225,000 users rely on RO Innovation to strengthen relationships and win more deals faster with targeted customer references.


UserEvidence a platform purpose-built to unlock customer love at scale. Our SaaS application enables vendors to proactively capture feedback from happy users via a survey, and turn that feedback into a library of verified marketing content. Additionally while creating all the content, it helps teams to source and identify advocates for additional content types.


We are all ready for some human contact; it’s time to meet old friends, make new ones, and focus on our learning and development. The middle of May should be perfect timing

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>10 years of successful events in all regions, providing value to the community


Not another dull hotel-event-room conference


Presentations from, and attended by, people that do exactly what you do – your peers


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AMA’s theatre-style production is first-rate and engaging


Plenty of opportunities to meet new contacts, and chat with old friends

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